Thursday, June 04, 2009

Heroes: Day 4/30--WIVES

My heroes today are all my girlfriends who have struggled through the difficulties of a "bad marriage" to come out the other end more mature, more at peace, and now living in a slammin' awesome partnership! I have some very specific friends in mind in a few different states--LR, AA, KM, KB, KB2, NC, AH, DH, et al... Sometimes we hit some uncomfortably rocky paths--heck, sometimes we're sliding on our rear ends down a steep crevice!!--but endurance, faith and hard work can carry us through to the other side--to a healthy & vibrant relationship that is better for its depth and history.

Nope, it's not my anniversary or anything, but I'm just loving my husband, today. Thinking about our nearly-14-years of married life, and about how much he's put up with me... and, I know he'd confess that he hasn't been the easiest man to live with many a day, either. But, hey! Look at us! We have a third child on the way, and we are making every day come together, and we're at an absolutely beautiful peak right now. So, I want to thank my friends, LR, AA, KM, KB & KB2, NC, AH, DH, for demonstrating that even marriages that seem to have all odds against them can go beyond thriving!

So, to those of you questioning the viability or vitality of your own relationship--I encourage you to work it through! Go get the advice, help, counsel you need. Pray together. Make it a priority, and don't give up! Trust that this time is work that is good & necessary. Just think--if your situation is really bad right now, it can only IMPROVE!! Thanks for trusting me with your gunk. I'm praying for you...a bunch of know who you are!