Saturday, June 27, 2009

Indelible Embrace

Logan and I pulled up to the house after two hours of Mommy/son time, while Teagan had remained at home with Daddy for her nap and dinner. As my headlights hit the townhouse wall, I noticed, in the lower right hand corner of our front window, Teagan's beautiful face and her fingers, pulling her up on tiptoe. She had been watching for us, missing her brother, and as soon as we pulled in, her sweet eyes disappeared from my sight, and she ran to tell Daddy we were home.

As Logan stepped out of the car, Teagan ran down the front steps, her arms wide, straight into the open arms of her brother.

They hugged, and Logan picked her right up off the ground.

Some have joked that I cannot remember portions of my life for which I do not have a photograph, but that priceless moment will never leave my memory. That is all any parent could ever dream for her children! Tom & I recalled it tonight with tears welling up in our eyes. They adore each other so much! I pray they make room for Baby #3 in there somehow!!


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