Friday, June 19, 2009

Santa's a fake!?!?

Mom! N doesn't believe in Santa. He says it's just Mom & Dad. So I said, "Well then who goes 'ho-ho-ho' and gives you presents?"

We laughed together, but I didn't address the bigger issue--just said, "Some people don't celebrate Santa, sweetheart." Then he ran back outside, seemingly content. Moments later, my daughter came running into the room, screaming, "Mom! N says Santa is stupid!"

Great. First incidents of discrimination against my kids' beliefs...and this one, being a false one, is hard to defend at this point--I mean, it's JUNE! I am not prepared! I called the kids in to get the whole story.

Logan had been reading a Calvin & Hobbes book with N--one strip was about Calvin protesting Hobbes' lack of gifts from Santa. This is when Neighbor N put his two cents into the picture, "I think Santa is a FAKE!"

So...breakfast dialogue today was about half a bubble off plumb for us...

What do I teach out of this? I told the kids that even though we don't watch or endorse Sponge Bob Square Pants, we don't tell our friends, who do, that it's stupid, do we? I also endorsed the story I have repeated to the children each December--the true story of a saint and martyr named Nicholas. When this "fairy tale" finally falls apart, I want to stand on the historic truth of Nicholas' life of service, humility & giving.

As we talked about Christmas, and Santa, and others' beliefs, I remembered a couple Christmases back when Logan met Jack's little elf--it's a tradition in some homes to bring him out before Christmas so he reports to Santa on the children's behavior. Jack is older than Logan, but Logan said the elf wasn't REAL, and Jack protested in tears, as he ran to report to his mom...

...and I reminded Logan how Jack had been hurt by Logan's unknown insensitivity--and how we need to be careful to be aware of others' traditions (I called our celebration of Santa a tradition, rather than a belief...)

...and now I'm thinking of my friends who've chosen to not include Santa in their Christmas celebrations...and all that I have to prepare to unravel for Logan...but had not been prepared to discuss with Teagan already.

Today, I am considering all that the older kids might share with Logan before his mom & dad do...though we've already discussed Where Babies Come From, since I'm expecting one...


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