Thursday, August 06, 2009

More dreams...

I had a dream

About what?

That I found the Monitor & Merrimac.

Oh? Where were they?

Near a harbor.

Tell me more.

Well, I don't remember a lot of it, but Seal was in it.

(Seal is the name of Logan's stuffed manatee, who goes everywhere with him).

I fell in a pit and I called the rescue people and they said, "I'm coming that way," and then there was only two people and I wonder why, and then I just said, "This doesn't look like rainbow color one," so... but it was and Lambchop was down there with me. They needed to yell down, and said, "Littlest first!" and then everybody said, "What's happening here? What's happening here?" But they just walked past. And then they said, "Do not enter, because I am rescuing people.!" So they all never came back. So I stayed over there and good thing he had two ropes to tie into the holes so no one could come in his way. That's the end! And I went happily home ever again. And then he was trying to grab the paper that say, "Do Not Enter, Everybody!" And then somebody else fell into the pit because they were too tired, and they said, "Is you the littlest first?" "No, I'm big!" "OK. I'm coming down to get you." And there was two, you know why? 'Cause one was to go down and tie Lambchop and the other one was to pull him up. (age 3 1/2)

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