Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Transforming Backwards

Here's something weird in nature. When you typically think of a caterpillar changing into a flying insect, don't you consider unfolding beauty? So, how can this be explained? We found this gorgeous caterpillar on the sidewalk today.

Oh, MAN, is this thing UGLY when it turns into the American Dagger Moth!

Regardless, capturing, researching & investigating this caterpillar was one more beautiful moment in my children's childhood:

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Arfitact_g said...

Good job, mom! This will strengthen their ability to always see the real living world, beyond all our human blather (GRIN).

I was raised this way, esp. by my father (b. 1914 d.1993). I am now 62 and my eldest is a (highly educated expert) botanist (!!!).

When I was about 6 or 8 yrs old, in Sunday School, as we were learning "This Is My Father's World" for the first time. I was half-listening, half-looking out into the grass - ground was at eye level outside our half-basement church classroom. I vividly recall the words, including "in the rustling grass I hear Him pass...'" as, outdoors in the sun, I saw 'rustling' happening.

I see it now as an epiphany - I KNEW that rustling was not a 'thing' but was the interaction of wind, grass, air, sound, motion, speed, etc. and that TRULY this was God.

So I have grown to be what Joni Mitchell dubbed us in 1968 - a child of God - and although I shed the conventions of the Bible, organized Christianity and such, I am a devout 'pantheist' in just this way: God is the living world, but at every scale, in every form of expression, in every place in and beyond - what we call 'The Universe' and 'consciousness'.

Thus I am a 'green architect', one of tens of thousands in North America alone and hundreds of thousands worldwide. Our version of the built environment is much like that world of 'rustling grass' - of recognizing the interaction of all things in their harmonious character together, of the cycle of life = death+life+death+life ad infinitum. And we humans grow & learn, albeit in fits & starts(!), towards another plane, I think. A lot of us in the 'tree-hugger- movement believe that humanity is evolving into its next stage: consciousness or some term like that, in which we see our relationship to 'the rocks and trees, the skies and seas' and WAY beyond, as beings at one with a living world.

With respect,

from another good person, post-Christian, 1000 percent spiritual, liberal Virginian male :–)

A son of a son of a Presbyterian minister, who was also a son of a Presbyterian minister, who was the son of a Presbyterian minister in England.