Friday, September 11, 2009


Teagan washed her hands in the Starbucks' ladies' room, then reached up for the papertowels, which were far out of her reach:

"They don't like kids!"
she exclaimed!

I pulled a couple towels down for her, agreeing!


Logan & Teagan were looking all over the house last night for Logan's favorite buddy (stuffed animal, "Seal," which is actually a stuffed manatee). I reminded Logan that if Seal is so important, then Logan needs to be responsible for knowing where he is at all times! "Seal...seal!" the two of them called out over & over, as if the inanimate, grey, well-loved creature might suddenly reply, "Here I am!" Teagan wanted her parents' help and called down to Tom and me, "This is NO JOKE!"

Tom & I thought that to be so funny we couldn't contain ourselves!


Teagan was having sweet moment with her dad, just talking about random whatnots, when she suddenly said, in all seriousness, "As I go through this life, I am going to need someone to drive me around."

As I go through this life!?!? Where does she come up with this stuff? We are certain Teagan will grow up to be a stand-up comedienne. She is hysterical!!!

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Tammi said...

I can't wait to meet that Teagan of yours! :-)