Tuesday, October 06, 2009


We've had some richly disturbing behavioral issues here--so I decided to go the "drastic" route of choosing gluten-free living for the kids and me. After one week I must say I am FAR more even! I have had to deal with discipline issues like always, and the only day I really lost myself coincided with a sneak snack of 2 mini Twix bars (which we purchased for the Halloween crowd early because I had double dollar coupons). That was yesterday, and I felt myself edgy just before I exploded...so, sugar PLUS gluten...yeah, not a good choice. Tom's already feeling withdrawal from bread--he was complaining to me this morning that he didn't know how he'd make it gluten free! That seems like a good indication that he needs to go gluten free. Anyway, where did I get this idea? We have several friends whose children have autism or Celiac, and live without the glutenous grains, testifying to the observable differences in their homes. Our son has his own set of circumstances which are "special" and the two of us butt heads regularly in our common areas of weakness, and I feel like we need every advantage on our side. So, we've completed one week of a more restricted living. *sigh*

By removing gluten, I am certainly making meal planning that much more difficult. Still, it's a challenge we can overcome, right?!

Restrictions For Teagan (21 + relatives):

CITRUS: tangerines, oranges, grapefruit, lemon, lime
FRUITS: grape +2, plum +2, cherry, strawberry
HERBS/SPICES: cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, ginger, oregano, sage, tea
NUTS:cocoa, chocolate, soy, brazil nuts

My Restrictions (12 + relatives):

PROTEIN/BEANS: kidney, pinto (+3!), chicken, eggs
FRUITS: coconut, cranberry, tomato
DAIRY: cow's milk (& all related products)
GRAINS: quinoa!, wheat
OTHER: baker's & brewer's yeast

I am so grateful for this link I received from another local homeschooler--365 gluten-free slow-cooker recipes!!! A Year of Slowcooking.

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