Monday, October 19, 2009

The little things...

I asked Tom to take care of a nasty-looking moth this evening, which found our ceiling fan lights an utter fascination. Smoosh it! (He vacced it up into the Dust Buster--smart solution, as I was later able to release it outside with the kids!).

Then I glanced over at our jars of "kept" caterpillars, wondering if I might have just incited the murder of one of our very own "pets"--but all were still contentedly behind glass, kept under lids.

In the meantime, Teagan & I stuck 6 dead yellow jackets in a remnant Ziploc bag after church today to bring home to show Logan. We found a mound of mulch under a tall, old, oak tree to be teeming with dying yellow jackets! We walked around that tree at least six times pointing out to each other one fading insect after another. They writhed from the tree trunk bark down to the roots, stepping slowly across the ground & falling legs up into little water puddles. There were at least 30--most in some state of departing life. Only six could be scooped up as already lifeless--the rest just sadly struggled. The cold is getting to them.

This is part of our homeschooling! These are animalia arthropoda insecta and it is fall! We aim at a Charlotte Mason schooling approach, with plenty of outdoor experiences leading our connectedness to the world around us (though I truthfully have a lot more to read to claim this officially...). Yep, we collect bugs; practically every day! Our Natural Science Lab is the largest classroom space we can find--wherever/whenever teachable moments arise, we stop and learn together.

And, now, leaves & acorns are piling up all over the house--so many undone projects right now! We tracked down native area leaves based on a piece in The Washington Post, but will have to do a re-collect this week, as our first set are already browning, and I'd like to iron these collections into wax paper for a lapbook. The area is really starting to burst with color, but the deep reds are not popping quite yet.

These are the little "things" that build a rich education. Horrah to homeschooling!

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