Friday, November 20, 2009

He's Here!

Announcing the birth of:

Stephen Lawrence
born Tuesday, November 17th @ 9:45 PM
at home in Reston, VA
9#, 21.5"
long & skinny fingers & feet/toes, and BLOND!!

Thank you to SO many of you who supported our homebirthing adventure throughout! Wow--we are so pleased with our decision.

Because I was "in labor" for about 3+ weeks*, the end result was VERY fast!

I started regular contractions (again) @ ~ 6PM on Tuesday night, hopped into a cozy tub from 6:30-9 PM, while Logan had the exclusive privilege of watching "The Return of the Jedi" during a special Daddy/Son date, since Teagan was out with her Namma. As soon as I stepped out of the tub, everything moved fast, meaning my informing our midwife, Tammi , was too late! My dear friend, Devon, a doula, who lives 2 miles from our house, arrived about 10 minutes before Stephen was in our arms--she "caught" him while my 6 1/2-year-old son took photos & Tom brought me ice water. My daughter was out for an overnight with my mom, and though they got up & came as quickly as they could (Teagan dressed in her jammies & pink floral robe, Mom having changed first), they just missed the birth, arriving about 6 minutes after Midwife, Tammi & her birth assistant, Liz, who arrived about 6 minutes after Stephen! Our house was a flurry of activity under dim lights until about 1 AM. Miss Teagan got to cut the cord!

Stephen's first three days at home have been relaxing, as a wonderful bonding time for our family--the children are vying for their chance to hold & touch him at every turn and Namma has been a tremendous help--we are so grateful for her lengthy stay & will hold on tightly for the remaining time we have with her--she will head to Michigan for Thanksgiving with the Gould/Smith/Varga families in Midland, Michigan on Monday.

Stephen is sleeping & nursing well, and is alert like his big sibs were--looking around from one of our faces to the next, and trying to take in his new world.

We gave him the middle name, "Lawrence," in honor of both my late grandfather, my mom, Lauri, and my dear Uncle Larry. His first name is after the first Christian martyr, Saint Stephen, spelled with the "ph."

* (dilated @ 4 cm by 10/26, 5 cm the next week, 7 cm on Saturday...regular waves of contractions came for 3 hours at a time every few days for weeks!)

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