Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sweet Matrimony (or not)...

Logan stated, last night (again),

Mom, when I grow up, I want to marry Teagan.

I'm sorry, Lo. You cannot. We are supposed to marry into other people's families, Sweetie

But, let me just ask you one thing. Is it illegal?!?!?!

Yes, It is.

He demonstrated a small tirade of righteous injustice--grrrr'ing & gripping his teeth/fists, then responded,

But, Teagan is so sweet!

Isn't that lovely? Despite our occasional struggles as a family, there is an awful lot of love & appreciation going on around here. I am a happy momma this morning. I encouraged Logan to closely monitor the boys who court his sister...she shouldn't marry any man who hadn't passed by Big Brother's approval.

Ha ha! I have a funny feeling no one will ever measure up to his scrutiny. Heaven help the boys who try.

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mary lombard said...

you were due today, but stephen's here already! yeayyyyy!