Saturday, January 30, 2010

Family Rooster

It is 8:45 AM. Teagan just sat up in her bed & called out (twice), "Cockadoodle dooooooo!"

She was a bird from the beginning, with soft sweet coos that reminded all of us of a mourning dove. Born in the year of the rooster ('05), she has found her calling (ahem) as our family alarm clock.

How I love my unique & independent daughter! Her humor, her timing, and her joy in the morning!

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Sarah said...

Hi there. I came across your blog because you are friends with lots of my friends from Truro.

Anyway, what I wanted to say was that I too have thoughts that we are living on the margins, although in a different way because recycling is the only thing on your list that we do. :) My feeling of living on the margins comes from a feeling that I never really fit the mold.

And I wonder how people who feel like they don't fit the mold for one reason or another - whose lives and thoughts are a bit (or a lot) unconventional in their different ways - can make real community. How we find people where our spheres intersect.

Mostly a pondering question rather than a question for you directly, because I don't know. But in any case, I am waving hi from another margin.