Friday, March 19, 2010

Black & White

We pulled out of the Berryville playground at dusk, before any officials came to chase us away. Teagan called out her good idea: "Let's play 'I Spy!'"

My mom stated that it was a little dark to be able to see much for I Spy, and since the car was moving, it would certainly be a challenge. Quick-witted Teagan replied, "We can just say things that are black or white!" What a smart gal.

She went first.

"I spy something black."

I guessed the shadowed trees. I was wrong. Mom guessed a truck that was approaching. That was also not the right answer. Logan picked out something, too, but none of us knew what Teagan was spying. She laughed and asked, "Mom? Do you have any more guesses?" No, I did not--nor did my mom or Logan--we all gave up.

With great satisfaction she blurted out, "The road!"

Oh my, how I laughed & laughed! The road!! A perfect thing to spy at night in low visibility, regardless of how fast the car is moving! SmartTea!

Then it was Logan's turn. He spied something silver. I guessed my car (which is really more of a grey than silver), but was wrong. We all gave it a try, but none of us was thinking big enough, still! Logan revealed the answer--"The stars!" These two are good I Spiers!

Teagan's turn again. She saw something yellow. Tell me why I wasn't thinking about things that stay put even while I move my car at 60 MPH!? I guessed the yellow lights of the car in my rearview mirror & my mom guessed the flashing caution light up ahead. What was Teagan spying?

The moon.

Smart kids. Fun game. What a lovely day!

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