Monday, July 05, 2010

Searching for the word...

...been gone so long...

...wondering the good of the blog...

...fighting myself. fighting the addictive personality rooted in my family tree...

...but now I find this glorious site--thanks to a fellow homeschooler's facebook post.

Yes, I can join the Gratitude Community. How sorely I need to practice gratitude!

Gratefulness... none of these words capture what I'm trying to say...what my welling tears communicate.



I am praising my sweet Lord for 1000 things...and it might take me some time to recapture that attitude of gratitude...only because I've been in a fog...self has become central. I've believed the lie of boredom. I've allowed restlessness to move me past the real, here & now.

So, now I'll begin by bringing to mind one thing. One thing for which I am immensely thankful--

Today: my children's lips, which I love to watch, when they speak. Even as they backtalk, their lips are beautiful. Soft. Untouched by passion. My children are finding their ways--sometimes through raging tantrums, sometimes through whining--but more often in laughter which I undervalue, or in questions which I ignore, or in fair demands of my attention.

Tomorrow: I will not only look, but listen.

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nicole s said...

Beautiful post Lisandrea- very moving.