Saturday, November 06, 2010


Our friends who visited for the weekend were well on their way across state borders for their return drive home. Teagan was in the kitchen with me as I cleaned up the dried pancake batter from that morning's breakfast. We were sharing with each other some of our memories from the weekend, when she noticed what I was doing--soaking paper towels, wringing them just so they didn't drip, then laying them all over the stovetop.

Tea: "What are you doing?"
Me:"I'm putting these wet paper towels on the mess--the water softens the food stains so I can clean more easily. Your dad taught me that technique."

We continued tidying up around the kitchen as I started on a snack for her. Enough time had passed for me to believe the paper towel trick had worked, so I swiped up the now-soft batter swiftly & efficiently.

Me: "See, Tea? Isn't your dad genius?"

Teagan replied in her usual way, without skipping one beat:

"Did someone teach him that?"
Me: "Well, sure! Probably his mom..."
Tea: "Then he's not a genius. If he knew it all on his own he'd be a genius. But, if someone taught it to him, he's not a genius."

May I remind the reader that my daughter has not yet turned five?

I did not teach her the definition of the word genius, by the way. So, by not being taught...couldn't we say she is!?

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EvenStranger said...

She's such a neat kid! *hugs*