Monday, November 08, 2010

"Good Feeling Clothes"

When I was in high school my friend & fellow art student agreed with me that certain clothing brings on great emotional security--you just feel good when you wear it.

Here are some portraits of my daughter wearing her own idea of "Good Feeling Clothes" over the past couple years. I LOVE her independence in choosing what to wear ever since she was barely old enough to speak in full sentences!

Most of what you see here are hand-me-down items, but Teagan made them all her own by the way she layered & matched the various bits & pieces.

Whatever you do, though, please don't call her beautiful! (She hates that.)

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Rachelle Wittenmyer said...

Lisa, she is gorgeous. She is you all over again. The 2nd picture profile is so what you looked like that it almost made me cry. Brought back some wonderful memories, Thanks for sharing