Friday, March 25, 2011

I gander he was a Michiganian

I am throwing away copious amounts of paperwork in my attempt to streamline the townhouse where we will most certainly continue to live for at least another year. It's 1000 square feet or so for 5 of us, and the children are growing! So, since leaving isn't yet an option, we have to make some more room for those long leggy kiddos--it means throwing away my piles...organizing the details...changing my ways!

In going through one pile I came across this fantastic little poem from the turn of the century:

There was a man in Michigan
A citizen of Lansing
Who used to pass his time, alas!
In frolicking and dancing.
As one could see, no goose was he
But still it was no slander
When folks would say, in spiteful way
He was a Michigander

Bloom's Baby Ballads Verse by James O'Dea (pictures by Harry Kennedy; hand-lettered by Chas. Costello)
Entertainment for Young & Old Replete with Seven Colors
A 34-page Picture Book of Humorous Jingles
Sol. Bloom, Publisher
54 Dearborn St., Chicago

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