Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NoVA Endangered Species Club

I am thrilled to present the blog pages of our eldest child. He & his younger sister have a deep concern about animal welfare, and he has particularly taken an interest in the idea that some animal species might be wiped out of existence if not cared for by the earth's caretakers--we humans! The blog features activities of his local, self-originated Endangered Species Club.

For my husband and me this is a foundational proof that homeschooling is working for our son. He has an entrepreneurial spirit, and his leadership skills come forward well in this environment. He does not bully; he manages. This is a smart working space for character development in him.

Next up is a large project which requires many elements of coordination--a fundraising lemonade stand.

The rest of the details are on the blog.

Proud of him!

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